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July 20, 2014
Element Eclipse Interview


           I chatted with Element Eclipse earlier this year. A little bit of background of Element before we get started Element has been active in the adult entertainment industry since 2007 working with studios such as Raging Stallion

  RE:  Please introduce yourself, Tell us Who Element Eclipse is?

  EE: I'm Element Eclipse, a young man who started life in small town America but dreamed of becoming big city fucker. I hope I'm someone that other people can relate to, confide in and have fun with. I am a very sexual creature and I roam the world with wonder, always excited for adventure and to see what new and interesting situations I can get into next.

  RE: You are known for doing fetish movies. Any advice for people who may be looking to explore some fetish. Such as fisting or sounding?

  EE: When it comes to fisting and sounding be sure to remember to start slow. The people you see in videos are professionals and are very experienced. Just because you can't take a fist on your first try, or the first 30 tries doesn't mean that you aren't into fisting. As for sounding, while it sounds fun don't forget preparation and aftercare, those rods can easily give urinary tract infections and bladder infections when not properly sanitized. When it comes to aftercare: BE PREPARED! Yes you might piss blood. But you are interested, TRY IT! do it! try something new! Just make sure you have learned enough about how to do it safely beforehand. Remember that you don't have to do drugs to do these things - in fact it's better not to since you don't want lapses in judgement and your body will produce its own natural high. There is nothing better than being one with your body and being in control.

    RE: The adult entertainment industry often gets blamed for everything from drug use to the spread of HIV. Let's focus on the positive, What positive influence has the industry (and yourself) had on the LGBT community?

    EE: I have seen the adult industry get blamed for a lot of things, but I believe that people are people - and people have the right to make their own informed choices. Whether bad or good, it's always easier for someone to place blame than to own their decisions. Working in and being a part of the industry for the last eight years has been AMAZING. The people you see in films aren't godlike figures but beautiful humans, just like anyone. I personally work on the pro-condom, safer-sex side of the industry to promote healthy decision making to young adults. I want them to have a good example and knowledge of what's safe and unsafe as well as all the facts so they can make an informed choice. Being well informed is important for anything in life, and this is also one of my values.

    RE: If you could do a scene with any classic porn star from the 70's, 80's, or 90's Who would it be? and What kind of scene?

   EE: I would definitely have to say Colton Ford! The scene would be muscle worship! I mean literally with that Anderson Cooper look and that body, I would say gave me a high school boy crush. Plus, the couple of time I've talked to him he seemed really intelligent. Brains + body = wood.



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July 9, 2014
Sebastian Rio Interview


      Earlier this year I had the chance to chat with porn veteran Sebastian Rio. Over the past decade plus. Sebastian has worked with studios such as Catalina Video, Dark Alley Media, Dickwadd, Factory Video, Zaye Entertainment, RawJOXXX, G.A.I. Studios, SX video,,, and All Worlds, just to mention few.

   RE: You have been in the industry for a while now. When you first started you mainly did condom only films, Now you do mainly bareback movies. Why the change from condom to bareback?

   SR: When I first started in porn its was back in the late 90's and No one told me the diference between condom or not condom films.. My big studio break, it was Catalina Video in witch I filmed 5 movies "My Naughty Neighbor" "Fly Fishing" "Superhole Sunday" "Hot Buttered Cop Porn" and "Oversized Instruments" My though was to do porn period ,but after I'd decided to do my first bareback film it was all over in those times.. I have no idea that by doing bareback porn it was gonna be a career killer so I'd decided to take a break in 2005 when I met my now husband.. I had to reconsider if I really wanted to come back to porn or just retire for good… I missed porn and I knew the only way that I would get myself back in the game was by doing the way I wanted to do it and by making the decision to do it bareback. I love bareback porn and we all watch it even when we say otherwise.. I love bareback and it's hotter then condom and that's what my fans love so, I'm giving them what they want.. I'm happy doing it and I'm good at it.. I don't want to be told what to do or what kind of movies to film.. I'm doing what I want and I feel more confortable doing..

   RE: You have worked with several studios over the years. Which one was your favorite to work with? Who was your favorite Director?

   SR: Well, that's a hard question.. Its hard for me to pick just one studio or just one director really.. I really enjoyed working with Josh Eliot because he was easy to work with and he gave me my first big break in a big studio.. However, in recent years, I have to say, Nick Moretti! He's not only easy to work with but he knows what his models want, and their needs.. He's professional but at the same time he's not too tough on his models.. I really enjoy working with him and I hope that he directs my last movie before I decide to retire in the near future. Now about wich studio has been one of my favorite! I must say that my first studio, Catalina Video..

   RE: What advice would you give to the guys out there looking to get into the adult enteratinment industry.

   SR: To think twice before getting into the industry.. Its a hard industry to be in and they might regret their decision later in life.. Be careful with your health and mind.. Don't do drugs or do anything you don't feel confortable doing..

   RE: What performers would you like to work with that you haven't had the chance to yet?

   SR: Well, the one and only Michael Lucas.. I love that guy and I admire what he has done with his life and career. And the other one must be Antonio Biaggi and Pito Savage.


  Since this interview was done  Sebastian Rio won the 2014 Raven's Eden Award for "Best Top"  


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July 3, 2014
Ale Tedesco Interview


     Earlier this year I had the pleasure to chat with European fetish star Ale Tedesco. Ale has worked with studios such as Cristian Torrent Productions and Butch Dixon among others.

Please Check out the interview below.

    RE: You have been in the adult industry for a couple of years now. What have been some of your best experinces?

   AT: Meeting very hot and sexy men!!! Some of them being my porn idols and it was fun realizing that they were enjoying having sex with me! It is fun thinking that til some years ago I was jerking off watching their video and now I had the real live chance to play together..... anyway my WISH list is still very long!

   RE: As a Fetish star what is your favorite fetish. What would you like to explore more.

  AT: I love fisting, both ways as a top as well as a bottom. As a top I really enjoy sloppy holes. As bottom I am quite wide and I can take two small hands, I am working now on depth! I would also like to explore Bondage.

  RE: You have done live sex performances all over Europe. Where have some of the best places you have performed? Where would you suggest people go to see the best live sex performances?

  AT: There is always something special in any place, my first choice is the HardOn in London, I love the hot sleazy atmosphere, and that is also the first place where I performed live. I also like going to the Darklands in Antwerp, I will perform there this year as well, unfortunately it is a yearly event during Leather Pride Belgium. I should mention also the the Beef in Tel Aviv, where you can meet very hot sexy guys. Another place where I feel home is in Bunker Bar in Gran Canaria especially during Fetish week in october. Last but not least Hustlaball, I played in Berlin and it was amazing!

  RE: It is awards season and you have been nominated for severeal Raven's Eden Awards, What has made you so successful this past year? Anthing you would like to say to your fans?

  AT: I am here because of my fans and supporters I want to thank all of them for their gratitude they show me anytime we meet or they express me on social networks like Facebook or Twitter. Of course all of this was possible because of the trust given by the productions I have worked for.


    Please Note  This is an Interview I did with  Ale Tedesco  back in the first part of 2014      Since this  interview  Ale Tedesco won the 2014 Raven's Eden Award for   "Best International Star"        



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Poz Top

Sep-9 5:29pm

Ale Tedesco is so damn hot!!!