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September 20, 2014
Jace Tyler Interview


    Recently I had the chance to chat with European porn stud Jace Tyler. Jace is a 2014 Raven's Eden Award winner. I have been following Jace's carreer for awhile now and expect to see much more of him in the coming months and years.Enjoy the interview and leave comments below.

Raven's Eden: Please introduce yourself and tell us how you got started in the adult entertainment industry.

Jace Tyler: Hi guys. I’m Jace Tyler – I’ve been performing in porn for almost exactly 3 years now. I started out just in the UK, then things kind of took off for me and I’ve been lucky enough to get to travel all over the world for films, events and photoshoots. I spent the first 2 years based in North East England, but this last year I’ve moved to Spain so it has been quite a readjustment logistically. I still love it, though, and have no intentions of leaving my career just yet!! I’ve filmed around 50 scenes now, I think, and had the most amazing – if surreal - experiences.

Raven's Eden: At the 2014 Raven's Eden Awards You won the "Cocksucking King" award. What are some of your favourite things to do on film?

Jace Tyler: Oh, yes – I loved that!! I’m keeping that one in my keepsakes, for sure! I don’t have a check list of ‘favourite things’ to do – I’m pretty versatile and very open – but I’ve done a lot of filming so far and my favourite movies are always the more different or unusual ones. In my first year I got to write a film where I was kind of kidnapped and had my shoulder-length hair shaved completely off – very BSDM. I loved playing a criminal – with the explosions and cool cars – in a film for UK Naked Men (“Fuck Loving Criminals”), and did a really awesome scene with Valentino Medici called “Tender” for That was cool, because it was more intimate and intense, which doesn’t happen often in porn. The fisting one (“Trained”, with BulldogXXX) was very cool, too – very different for me!



Raven's Eden: The Raven's Eden office has been abuzz over your work with (Spain's leading Fetish and BDSM porn site). Double penetration , Piss, bondage, and foot worship. All in one amazingly hot scene. Will you be doing more fetish scenes in the future? What other types of fetishes would you like to film? Jace Tyler: Oh, yes. I loved filming for them. We really didn’t expect to go quite so far with that, but there was such energy with those guys that we really went for it. One of my first award nominations was “Best Fetish Star”, so anything with fetish play or BDSM really seems to go down well with the fans, and that suits me just fine! Hardkinks was awesome. I got to represent them at Gay Pride Madrid, and did another movie for them, too. They’re a lot of fun! As for fetishes in future, let’s just say I’m open! I do like Master/Slave stuff. I’d like to be like a caged animal one day, so maybe more bondage films with some fighting back! Have I worn a harness on film, before? I’ve just come to realize how sexy they can make you feel! In February (2015), I’ll be performing on stage in Belgium for the Leather Pride Festival. We’ve just confirmed that today! Fetish play is never dull!

Raven's Eden: Over the past few years we have seen your body transform. What is your work out routine?

Jace Tyler: That’s very sweet of you to say! Yes, I don’t feel like a little boy anymore! Sometimes I see old pictures of myself come up online and I cringe! I don’t know if I am better or worse – depending on who’s watching and their taste - but I’m a lot more comfortable with myself now. As for working out, I’m not crazy heavy. I go to the gym most days, but I have fun with it and do as much as I enjoy. I worked for a little while as a gym trainer here in Spain, but now I just train solo. It’d be nice to have a gym buddy or two, though!




Raven's Eden: Social Media has become an important way of communicating with fans. How has Social media helped you?

Jace tyler: Oh, massively! It’s been such an important part of my career. In fact, lots of films have only happened because certain producers or companies have seen me online and contacted me themselves to ask me to film for them. Plus, it can be great interacting with fans and getting their feedback, or for getting my work out there. There are one or two Nutter Butters out there, but most people are very cool! I joked recently that a bunch of us porn actors should get together and publish our most bizarre fan messages in a book. I really do think it’d make for an interesting read!

Raven's Eden: Speaking of your fans. What would you like to say to your fans that helped you win a Raven's Eden Award earlier this year.

Jace Tyler: I was very grateful for that – it made my day! It means more when it’s people voting for you. Sometimes you can get so much flak and so many trolls contacting you in this industry. Never mind the judgement in everyday life that comes from being a “porn star”. So, I will always appreciate and be grateful those who support me. It can really mean a lot. So, thank you!!

Raven's Eden: If you could work with one star, who would it be and what would the scene be like?

Jace Tyler: Oh, that’s a good question! There are so many….. I’d probably like to film with some people I’ve been on stage with. Trenton Ducati, Michael Brandon, Adam Killion, or Hans Berlin….. You know, just a few weeks ago I was filming in France and I did a photosession and interview with my old stage buddy Jordan Fox. We’ve met a couple of times since filming together – I’d love to get the two of us together on film. He’s such a hot fucker! There’s someone else I could mention, but I think we’re filming in a couple of weeks so I probably shouldn’t mention his name! I think Issac Jones is beautiful, too. I think I would enjoy meeting him for sure!




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September 8, 2014
Dolf Dietrich Interview



          In 2013 I had the pleasure of chatting with porn stud Dolf Dietrich. I figured it was time that we catch up with him and see what he has been up too in the past year.

  Raven's Eden: So far 2014 has been a pretty good year for you.   You won 4 Raven's Eden Awards including "Star of the Year"  and "Best Ass".  You also had some scenes with Treasure Island Media released. How are you going to top that in 2015?

  Dolf Dietrich: Yes it has! The 4 Raven’s Eden Awards really meant a lot to me as it was a fan-based award system, and I have the best fans in the world! I am VERY excited about upcoming projects in 2015.. My boyfriend Drew Sebastian and I are traveling to London in November for a week to shoot several scenes for Treasure Island Media directed by Liam Cole. We will also be doing a Live Sex Show gig at the Hoist on November 16th. Look for more Live Sex shows across the globe in 2015; we just did one at the Bourbon Pub in New Orleans for Southern Decadence, we were the first duo to be billed as a live XXX act for that event and it was SUPER hot!

  Raven's Eden: You got your start in the Adult entertainment industry doing cam shows.  Sometimes involving LARGE toys.  Next natural step is fisting.  Will we be seeing any Dolf fisting videos in the near future.

  Dolf Dietrich: Funny you should ask! I have spent a few years practicing with big toys on webcam.. it has really trained my.. well, award winning ass to take VERY large cocks! But, yes, I am ready and excited to get into the fisting arena.. Drew and I were just talking about it the other day.. He is going to help train my hole to take his big fist before I do it on camera.. I can’t WAIT to practice with him! Yes, look for Dolf Dietrich fisting videos in 2015 as a fisting bottom AND fisting top.

  Raven's Eden: You have some of the most loyal fans (They are the reason you won 4 Raven's Eden Awards).  What would  you like to say to all of your fans out there?

  Dolf Dietrich: Honestly, I really do love my fans and appreciated every day how I could have NEVER reached the level of success I have achieved without them. I saw an interview with the late great Joan Rivers the other day where she said something to the effect of it only takes a moment to say hello and thank you to a fan, and her attitude towards fame and fans was just brilliant. It is my goal with my videos and photos to bring people a little joy and sexiness to their day.. get their heart racing and the blood pumping to their cocks.. well, not just cocks, I have a HUGE female fan base to, I love it! And I also can’t believe how much fan mail I get from EVERY corner of the globe. It’s very inspiring to know that my out, open and free sexual attitude is bringing people pleasure in countries where they are not free to be themselves.

  Raven's Eden: Time for some rapid fire questions.   I will give you a question and answer with what you prefer as quickly as you can.

  Raven's Eden: Top Or Bottom?

  Dolf Dietrich: Really 50/50! I’ll be topping for most of my London T.I.M. shoots.

  Raven's Eden: Bareback Or Condom?

  Dolf Dietrich: Skin on Skin.

  Raven's Eden: Hairy or Smooth?

  Dolf Dietrich: Not fair! I love men of all kinds!

  Raven's Eden: Vanilla Or kinky?

  Dolf Dietrich: OK I have a definitive answer for this one. OINK, fucking OINK!

  Raven's Eden: Oral or Anal?

  Dolf Dietrich: Ass to mouth.. so that’s both!

  Raven's Eden: Jocks or Briefs?

  Dolf Dietrich: Definitely Jock straps.. while fucking.

  Raven's Eden: Who has been your favorite co-star so far?   Who would you like to work with in the future?

  Dolf Dietrich: Oh, this one is EASY. I met my boyfriend, the Super Sexy 10x7 T.I.M. Exclusive Drew Sebastian, on set when we were cast together in San Francisco for a T.I.M. scene. It was June 12th (My birthday) and I was VERY excited I was getting Drew Sebastian’s load for my birthday present. The scene was BLAZING hot (release date coming soon) and we immediately knew our chemistry was real and intense; we’ve been dating ever since, having the HOTTEST sex that I have EVER had in my life, and really, he’s just the greatest boyfriend I could have ever hoped for. There are a bunch of guys I am into working with.. the shortlist is Derek Parker, Rocco Steele, Morgan Black, Antonio Biaggi, Drew Sumrock, Armond Rizzo.. (I REALLY want to fuck Armond, he’s a smooth, tight little bottom and it turns me on that he is only 5’4’’ and I am 6’5’’ that would be a HOT scene, I am working on making that happen.)

  Raven's Eden: You are known as a muscle stud now, But that wasn't always the case.  What was your biggest struggle to get the muscular body you have now.

  Dolf Dietrich: Thank you! Yes, I am quite open about the fact that I was born with a condition called Pectus Excavatum (concave chest). It’s more of an aesthetic condition, however it did cause some breathing issues.. I was able to convince the insurance company to cover the 50k surgery to fix it when I was 34 (most people with it have it fixed as kids). After that, I started going to the gym with a vengeance, and started getting tattooed. I worked for years to create the body that I have now and I am by no means finished! I am BIG on fitness and giving people inspiration to address issues they do not like about themselves and to have a game plan to work towards improving those issues. My favorite fan mail is to hear from people that have struggled with their body image and have told me that I have inspired them to take action.

  Raven's Eden:  What is something about you that most of your fans would be surprised to learn.

  Dolf Dietrich: Most people think I am German. I am actually French Canadian. Dolf Dietrich is a stage name I created; ‘Dolf’ is an homage to Dolph Lundgrin (who I used to jerk off to relentlessly in Rocky 4), and ‘Dietrich’ is actually my mother’s Maiden name (her mother was Hungarian, there is also some Welsh in there so I guess you could see I am Well-Hung! LOL that one never gets old.)

  Raven's Eden: Final question:  Getting away from your life in the adult entertainment industry.  What are some of your hobbies,interests,favorite things to do.

  Dolf Dietrich: I own a business specializing in marketing and branding design, it is my second passion next to porn.. I lived in NYC for years where I worked in publishing as an art director for magazines like Rolling Stone, US Weekly and OK!. Now I live far outside the city in a beautiful little LGBT vacation destination hamlet and work as the art director of marketing for the Tourism Board.

    Thank you Dolf Dietrich for taking the time to chat with us.  Good luck for the rest of 2014 and we will be looking for those 2015 Raven's Eden Awards nominations (I am sure you will have a ton again this year). Be sure to Follow Dolf on Facebook and Twitter.          

 Enjoy a picture of  PISS PIG DOLF


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